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Just in case anyone reads my blogs I thought I better say what I'm hoping to do.

I'm trying to make things that I wouldn't make if I thought about it. I'm attempting to reduce the amount of personal preferences in my decision making; making something I didn't know I was going to make.

The fact you know you are embarking on a process that will culminate in something being made is a bad start in itself but it's unavoidable I would imagine. There are things made all the time that I find beautiful and the makers didn't even know or maybe care that they were making something; but I know so that's that.

There was a famous american abstract expressionist who in the latter years of his life was suffering from alzheimers and didn't seem to be aware of why he was painting or what he was thinking about from one sitting to the next but continued to paint none the less. There's another painter named Sargy Mann who slowly lost his sight and now paints without being able to see at all. He employs other strategies to navigate and visualise his work.

I know I'm making something, I know what materials are likely to be available to me. I have been a painter most of my life and a furniture maker for some time and I know that I shall be combining these things but I suspect that I shall neither be producing paintings or furniture. We have been at it for some months now and I have only produced one or two things that might be considered furniture, the rest is sculptural or maybe 3d painting.

Painting and drawing and such lend themselves more readily; as opposed to furniture making for instance, to a process that has no planned outcome other than a work that at sometime can be declared ready for viewing. Furniture making has many practical considerations that require accommodating, there are experienced hardened truths that no longer invite subversion. If you are making a table it has to do its job.

Over the years I have developed strategies, "spanners in works" that help me jump off any conveyor belt of a plan that might start to form; before an intended direction in the creative process can take hold. But these strategies, a jumbled box of leftover thoughts that can be cobbled together to help me not think and allow me to move forward with the piece without too much deliberation are flawed and its those flaws that allow the process to grow.

I have been thinking that maybe there is something beautiful to be found just before a mess.

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