Objects for a Studio: The story so far

As I have been working on this residency at Salford University for the past 6 months, I thought it was about time I started communicating what I have been up to.

As I have mentioned on the profile page Objects for a Studio is a project which investigates the psycology of the artist's studio.  I spend single days in other artists' studios, creating work using the objects I encounter.  I document this experience with a photograph, which is then exhibited.

I have worked in 45 studios to date in the UK (Manchester, London, Sheffield, Leeds, Preston, Yorkshire) and also in China and The Netherlands.  Throughout the progress of the project (from Summer 2008 to present day) the work has been exhibited as I've gone along: in my own studio for Art Transpennine '08; Eemzicht Atelier, Amersfoort, NL; Ximalaya Bookstore Gallery, Chongqing, China; and PSL [Project Space Leeds].

During this residency I will be working with artists associated with Salford University and I will be documenting my progress through this blog. 

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