October - December

It's coming up to the end of term here at Reading, and I'm settling in to a routine, despite missing the 9.20 train from Waterloo every week due to delays and seriously busy rush-hours! I'm quite enjoying the hour and fifteen minute journey as when I get off at Earley station and am definitely out of London. Surrounded by fields, I feel like I'm in a new headspace and ready to get on with some work.

The past few weeks have mostly been about researching and planning a new project, and it's been a real luxury to have this time to come into the art school and just sit, plan and experiment with no deadline or pressure. I'm not quite ready to go into detail about what I think the outcome will be yet, but it involves Sunderland AFC, The Boss and the power of crowds. Looking forward to hitting the ground running next term and getting stuck into some making.

I was lucky enough to be able to reserve the gallery space in the Art department a couple of weeks ago to put up a small show of some of my work so that the students could get to know a bit about what I do, and also swallowed my fear of public speaking by doing an accompanying talk about myself and my practice, which was better attended than I expected, didn't go too badly, a bit of stuttering aside! - and great practice. It also really useful to be able to document some work that I haven't shown in a while in a new environment.

I've only managed to attend one lecture so far, which was on Kant, and pretty entertaining, though hopefully I'll be able to catch more in the new year. I also had a good session in the library last week, and am hoping to get down again this afternoon - it's really interesting being based at an art school within a wider university, which is totally different to the experience I had whilst studying and quite an eye-opener. So far so good.



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