Olivia Punnett- AA2A Student Rep Review.

Looking through the AA2A website I came across Olivia Punnett. What inspires me are quite a few things. Firstly, I like she uses varied techniques in producing her work, such as printmaking, installation, film and projection. This could be the fact I enjoy working a varied way also, using the letterpress machine to contemporary use of Adobe package software on my Mac.
A keen part of my interest is based on the use of exhibitions as Olivia is a director of Haarlem Artspace- a contemporary and exhibition space, as I would like to design exhibitions in the future, but having work displayed at The British Library, Tate Library and Archive-Tate Britain are extremely ambitious and fantastic to have! Let alone being a member of The Editions publishing group producing some of her own books! She has achieved a lot and I admire her achievements to date!

We wished to meet before, with discussions over e-mail in regard to writing this mini blog yet, last minute circumstances have not allowed us too. Hopefully, in the coming week, we will be able to meet over a coffee with a lovely meet and greet.

Below is a book she has published called “States of Uncertainty" and the Haarlem Artspace.



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