packing, preparing for take off

i gather my things, have i all the skills, the influences.  i've packed some so far, however after a black coffee reflection are they the most relevent, are some of them things i really like and want to share, rather than things that struck deep chord that has sustained over time.

editting permits progress and progress leads to catching a bus.

playtime follows.

in packing, i see that one of my three aims had already been dashed, even before the boarding pass was printed.  an aim without direction, what does that become, except another reinvented aim, once again after reflection and compemplation has been achieved.

one aim has evolved and one remains the same.  thoughts of led zep at that, however i never really got what they were all about, i do know they made interesting sounds.

don't forger to put the cat out.  don't forget mailout.

now it's 20 minutes to the next bell, shoes, coat, and key in the door.  

i would like to find a rythme,

but i'm not sure what for.

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