Pattern: Echopraxia and Echolalia

I have posed upon myself a ridiculous idea, that How To Get Results With People can work across all abilities and mental states. It is of course an absurd deconstruction of the purpose of Jeff Salzman's lecture. The juxtaposition of the repetitive actions of schizophrenia patients (see video below) and the instructional methods used within the lecture causes for me an element of pattern, as both provide an individual with actions to take.

In the video, the doctors exploration of echopraxia gives me a method which I'd like to work with. Echopraxia is the involuntary repetition or imitation of the observed movements of another. It is closely related to echolalia, the involuntary repetition of another's speech.

I am essentially aiming to repeat, imitate Salzman's speech as a sort of mantra, for transformation of myself. These actions are mirrored perfectly with hebephrenic patterns.

I know I'd like to use this footage in the work, as projections or as part of a body of video works.

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