Peripatetic studio

As the space allocated to me became unavailable for maintenance and other complicated reasons, I have been poundering on why a space/studio is necessary for an artist.

What is a studio? What is a studio for? What is done in a studio? what is needed in a studio to do the work needed?

In practical term, it is simply a place to drop your bags, leave your coat, a place to sit, to sip a cup, a resting place for books, papers, pencil case, cutouts, last years projects...

For a lot of the students I ask, and for me too, a studio is also a space to think , to 'twiddle with thoughts', to experiment, to try things out, to make prototype, to display key research, materials, ideas, inspiration.

It is a kind of a 3D notebook, making visible to yourself and passers-by your accumulated thoughts, starting points, reference materials, your models... It can also be an invitiation for conversation and interaction. 

It is a test bed, a place for attemps and failure...

Quite importantly, it is also a base that you make yours and that validates your work and what you do. In other word, an 'office' where one feels more deliberate and more dedicated to work. 

And as importantly I think, it is a place/space that holds the trains of thoughts of yesterday in the air for you to continue where you left them...

In search of a static studio, I wondered what are the key components of a studio? 

- A wall to hang/tape/bluetag (etc...) things on, to write on and that deliniate your space with another,

- A desk to leave things on, next, under,

- A chair/stool to hang your coat

Looking at this simple list, I thougth that instead of static I should become peripatetic and carry my studio around to different locations as I found them each time I am at the Art School and park it discretely somewhere when I am not there... 

I quite like the idea that I am thus inflitrating myself to corners/gaps/in-between spaces that become available as I look for such places. I am there for one day then not there... So, I found the perfect desk for such need.Peripatetic studio

It has a weight that I can carry with a bit of effort (which I like). I can place it in front of any empty wall (of which there are many in an art school). I then can roll out some magic white board onto the wall and place all my notes/ideas/drawings, etc... on it... At the end of the day, I roll it all up and find an unused space in between to park the desk...

Peripatetic studio at rest

Hopefully, it will be where I left it when I return...

How do other artists view their studios? What else can a studio be for?

Please share your thoughts.


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