Pic of the Week: Kathryn Poole, UCLan (plus 'Tip of the Week' and other news..)

Pic of the Week: University of Central Lancashire's AA2A Student Rep Kathryn Poole's image from her blog 'Processing the beetle stone'.

UCLan student Kathryn has been learning lithography with Leighton Bohl, a previous AA2A artist at UCLan from last year. You can see more of Kathryn's work at http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/kathrynrep13

Tip of the Week: Tip of the Week: ‘Open doors for yourself, they won’t open for you.’ Billie Bond, Chelmsford College (2012-2013) http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/billie

Other news: Our March AA2A Student newsletter is out now. This edition's a Student Rep special featuring blog highlights from reps around the country including the lastest from our Graduate Link Chloe Hamil.

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