Pic of the Week: Lucy & Layla Swinhoe, University of Derby (plus 'Tip of the Week' and other news..)

Pic of the Week: Derby Uni's AA2A Student Reps Lucy & Layla Swinhoe's image 'Everyman Film Stills (Frozen Warnings) No. 37'

You can see more of Lucy & Layla's work on their Dotbiz page

Tip of the Week from AA2A artists to students (as featured in our self-employment talks): "Try to keep the momentum going when you graduate - make use of contacts you make (like AA2A artists)!" AA2A artist 2013-14, University of Sunderland

Other news: For those of you drawing to the end of a scheme we hope you have a great last few weeks and we hope you'll stay in touch! A great way to do this is through our AA2A 'Engage' membership.  This is an active membership group of previous AA2A artists who want to keep in touch with AA2A institutions and are prepared to act as role models for students.  We hope this will provide them with insights into professional life as an artist and into the creative communities that exist outside universities and colleges. In return we'll give you free continued access Dotbiz (previously £15 year for ex-artists). We'll be posting and sending you more details of how to join very soon. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the rest of your scheme.

Best wishes,

The AA2A Team (Wendy, Georgia & Jo)

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