PILOT AA2A Exhibition

Let the experiment begin!

PILOT will showcase Plymouth University's AA2A resident artists from 24th -28th March. Come visit Roland Levinsky Building, Project Space 101 between 11am and 5pm, with a private view on Friday 28th, where you shall see works by myself, Lee McDonald, Tabatha Andrews, Sally Hall and Gabrielle Hoad.

In the run up to the AA2A show, I have become inspired by the props and playful presentations of Franz Erhard Walther. I wanted to use this opportunity to experiment with how to present my balaclavas and see what happens when I leave my audience to activate my work.
Bruce Nauman's use of instructions for Body Pressure has also influenced the way in which I have conducted my experiment.
On the right hand side of the suspended balaclava is a set of things to consider; 'Silence. Do not verbally communicate/Focus on where various parts of your body touch this person.' On the left hand side of the balaclava lies another set of things to consider; 'Speak. Discuss your feelings no matter how awkward this may be/Avoid all bodily contact with this person.'
Depending on where you are standing, this could get interesting...
And don't forget to take home your very-own-handmade-disposable-paper-balaclava to continue the experiment at home! You can even send me the photos at kayleighhillartist@gmail.com
Come and be part of the experiment.


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