Playing with plaster

Well I am back in Cumbria again at the University on the AA2A scheme. Today was really productive as I sat with the second year degree students watching Steve Ogden, the principal lecturer on the Applied Arts demonstrating how to turn plaster forms on the lathe. It was a day of mixed emotions as I am not confident with plaster and with some trepidation I created a plaster chuck to have a go myself after being shown how to work safely.

Steve demonstrating the lathe


After trying to produce a straight graduated cone shaped form I gave in to the temptation of creating a more rounded form. I worked all afternoon so the students could get on the lathes tomorrow with their 'rhino' rendered 3D forms, very flash but all too complicated for me, pencil and paper was good enough for me and then I changed it in the making. I have to say I was quite taken by the process once I had pared down the form to straighten it up. I am back tomorrow to cast the positive mould and maybe just maybe get back on the lathe, second year students permitted. I think I might be hooked. 
my final form of the day

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