Amidst the sporadic sunlight mixed with snow showers I dashed to mix the Inkodye, feeling adventurous I opted to mix the orange and blue to create a sepia tone this time.  The dye coated the wood much easier than it had previously on material.

I put it outside for half an hour, for the sun came and went many times adding to the exposure time, and nothing…  I left it out longer and only a very faint print appeared.

Not one to give up easily I had another go, just with the blue dye this time, just in case trying to print a sepia tone on a somewhat beige piece of wood was anything near the problem.  My second attempt was equally catastrophic.

Whilst trial and error was ever my closest shadow yesterday as I messed about, little did I know I was wasting my time but on in the background to accompany my flawed attempts was Mumford & Sons and that is never time wasted.

As you can see there are no pictures to show off my artistic creations, needless to say there doesn’t seem much point, imagine a damp, blank piece of plywood and that pretty much sums up my day.  I can only conclude it needs warmth to activate the dye as it was bitter cold even when the sun was out.

And so, trial and error take two, coming soon.


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