Prayer to the gods of chipboard

Beginning tomorrow, should the gods of chipboard actually deliver some of their elusive sheets of board to the college, I will get a chance to start on a panel as wide as my whole studio at home [a 3m x 2.5m shed that glories in that name]. To encourage safe delivery, I have sprinkled the path of the gods with with hundreds and thousands of excess Halloween Haribo babies. That treat should do the trick. They've kept me waiting long enough...

This is a wonderful opporunity to explore all sorts of larger ideas currently champing to get out of my head, and I shall keep a photographic record as the weeks go by to track them as they emerge.  A two foot by four foot panel takes me a good month to finish. [ If unfamiliar with the term foot, think of the thing at the end of your leg]  then imagine a mural twice the size worked on once or twice a week. At a guess, it will take me up to Spring half term. We shall see 🙂

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