Prelinger Archives - Business and Mental Health

I've got back into the Prelinger Archives - there are visuals and sound that I'd like to extract from much footage surrounding business, success, and mental health (or mental states).

Below is a selection of what I have discovered so far, and I will add to it as things progress. For me I will begin to cut and group these elements to allow me to create a dialogue between the loosely linked subject matter.



I'd like to use some of this:
An early example of 'simple' advice that will 'change your life forever', including statistics and the definition of success. This may not feed into the final performance, but will probably be used to inform that work, as well as for juxtaposition within filmed video pieces. I can't seem to find much about who is speaking but I'll have to do some more research if it doesn't mention it at the end.

Some links below that will allow me to contextualise with other historical examples.

The business of American Business 1972

Rileys business venture


Mental Health

In my practice repetitive movements or patterns are of interest to me - the schizophrenia symptoms resonates for that reason, but also shows quite a stark reality for those in institutions in the mid-20th century. (schizophrenia symptoms) (drug addiction) (psychosis - LSD)

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