At last we have all got together to introduce ourselves to the students and staff on one place at the same time. It was a great opportunity to give some background information on what sort of creative practice we follow and an idea of what we want to achieve whilst at the college. I have to say, Chelmsford college has been amazingly welcoming and accomodating. It seems everyone I meet, from an aray of departments, seem to know about the AA2A artist and they are all very excited about us being here. I think the combination of this project and the new art block has created a surge of positive energy within the college and this is fantastic for the student's motivation.

During my presentation, I asked for some students to volunteer as models for my 'Festival Goer' project. I am pleased to say that after the presentatios 6 students approached me offering to help me with the development process - being 'fesival goer' life models. Looking forward to working with them all.

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