Process - making hollow felt

This project has been about process - and the possibility that the processes might not work!

I now feel confident that my initial, making-processes to create large scale hollow felt pieces do actually work.


I completed just over 100 hours of practical work making various large-scale hollow felt shapes before Easter, and was able to go in for several days during Easter break and had some really good sessions working on very long, thin flat pieces of felt. It was oddly quiet without them, and I missed seeing them around, but it was good to be able to put three tables together and work without worrying that I had actually taken up all of their space!


I’ve solved most of the difficulties of doing the final shaping and finishing so that my hollow forms should retain their shape. It’s early days with this, but I have gained so much more confidence in working large-scale, that I’m sure  that my ideas will work!


I feel I’ve been very dogged with this involvement with ‘process only’, but that it’s paid off.

I’m so much more aware of the time required for each of the processes of large scale work,  that I can now get pieces to a point where they can be safely left overnight, to be finished next day, or can be carefully wrapped up and taken back to my own workspace for completing there.

Unfortunately, this highlights the lack of space in my own space!

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