Professional Practice Talk: AA2A Artist Annette Pugh 6th March 2013

Discovered that there would be a talk from two AA2A Artists, Katherine Sullivan and Annette Pugh so keenly turned up early to listen to this discussion with both artists the initial problem with setting up the power point on the computer and non arrival of Katherine looked like this might not go ahead but with the help of the 3rd year course tutor all was sorted out and the talk went ahead with Annette taking the lead and Katherine making a late arrival. Annette discussed Presentation of Portfolio how this could help your progression of your career, she showed an excellent film clip of the late Tony Hancox in his reconstruction of making a painting like Jackson Pollock with the quote of "I'll sell it for millions". Annette encouraged us to apply to Axis artist's register but you have to be approved for this site it is a networking site that enables you to set up a forum for your art practice  where you can do data research and find who is looking at your art work. She advised it is a deciding factor of where you are going to put your art work it could also be used as a curator site.

To consider other areas such as AN Magazine which is a worthy £38 to join the subscription for a year and to also consider Air magazine which is a artists guide to working or surviving this offers a chance to become a member with on-line information for news, training and other events.  Website gives you the opportunity for studio development links to other practitioners Annette's practice started at Old Michen Mill as a member of Bimingham artists moving on to Lee Bank House but they were then moved to current premises of Telson Centre.  Annette talked about Self-Employment and her involvement with DIALOGUE, where she interacted with other students who became competative about entering for their proposals. Pugh's involvement with Community Arts showed how passionate the artist is with her involvement with deprived areas so much so did not even think about her own safety while working in with possibly unsaviour charaters but am sure that this is maybe what made it more of a challenge that getting local residents responsible for creating their own art work brought the community together. Annette talked about how although she had resisted going into teaching had accidentally become involved by helping at a school while covering maternity leave as a temporary capacity had engaged her so much that it directed her in to the path of PGCE  this gave rise to another career path and opportunities for training but stressed that it is a hard year of training and that it is worth doing should students want to consider this path and the artist currently works with 6th form students.

Pugh also talked about articles and grants that as an artist you have to fit their criteria . Annette worked at Compton Verney in gallery workshops in education with funding through Heritage Lottery Funding. Another area that Annette has worked in is residencies in teching and print making at Woverhampton university and discovered that this it the second time of applying and successfully achieving AA2A artists placement. The current projects she is working on at Grand Hotel called "Dancing On The Edge", Pugh used an opportunity to work with installation video art using old photographs of her grandparents and showing these collective pieces as a contining project of working with found images. It was a good talk which over ran and meant that the second artist did not have time to talk but with a re-arrangement hope that this will take place at anternative time. I did get chance to talk with the artists and introduce myself as the student blogger for AA2A website, the artist also arranged to come up to my own studio in the university to look at what I am currently working with so this was a wonderful chance to also look at Katherines's metal sculptured body that she is currently creating.

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