Progress Kayleigh Hill

Kayleigh Hill

Kayleigh has been exploring how people connect and the responses people give when social and personal boundaries are broken. Kayleigh uses handmade balaclava's to force two individuals to share a given space enforcing a level of intimacy, Working with an internal company Idat here at Plymouth University has helped Kayleighs project progress digitally, a built in live feed can show us peoples reactions and boundaries first hand, allowing us the viewer to witness how people can be connected and how people interpret and react. Idat have had to put a hold on working with Kayleigh due to other work commitments which although at first put a huge strain on Kayleighs artwork, it also gave her time to reflect on the balaclava as an object and the potential to which the art piece could be used. Bruce Nauman's body pressure piece helped Kayleigh introduce the idea on instruction and breakdown of freedom as well as allowing an open follow at free will attitude. Now it looks like the balaclava piece is slowly developing into an object with a set of instructions, these instructions can be carried out or ignored and allow the people wearing the balaclava to enforce their own personal motives to the artwork providing a truly unique and interactive experience. Kayleighs work is moving toward order and freedom of enactment.


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