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Lee McDonald

Lee's is a kinetic installation artist, interested in the stress and strain of materials building structures that allow for viewing and decision-making. Changing the motors, the setup and different use of materials make Lee's work very versatile and produce different outcomes each time. This raises questions of self-destruction and the importance of tension. Keeping the work open and evoking responses in the audience could be an important factor letting the audience react and experience the work in their own way. Using Time-lapse and stop motion and animation has allowed lee to step back at any point in making his work, this has helped lee decide where any particular piece is going in its construction. Lee has been experimenting with different angles and allowing sound into the piece building anticipation and tension within the viewers as well as the work. The Library and Sound facilities here at Plymouth have helped Lee explore new avenues and built up the concept behind his work. More recently Lee has been exploring the audience interaction, motors attached to motion sensors and allowing the viewer to partake in the work. For more detailed info click here.


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