Project Re-think

Since looking at the José Camarón piece, ‘An oriental (Turkish/Algerian) woman’ it has got me re-looking at some artist images I had taken off the Internet. The images are of famous female contemporary artists either framed in a real life situation or documented at a performance. I particularly like Tracey Emin’s leg and knickers shot as she holds her paintbrush. I have thought about re-enacting this image for a photograph. To expand on this collection of images I could project the images onto me. There is something about the ephemeral projected image that can’t be pinned down. The light that creates the image offers an openness that a printed photograph doesn’t. Recently I have been creating digitally printed artist multiples and thought I would like to do more of this on the AA2A residency. However I want to take more risks and feel like creating a more ambitious installation. I am planning to get a tour of Media City and find out what resources are available through the university. I am envisaging the use of a large blacked out space, although I could use the photographic studio to experiment with projected images. Currently I am juggling a number of projects with part-time work and finding it difficult to get into the university. Although my practice is very research based with the actual physical making coming in at the end. I would like to plan some tutorials with the students and hope this can be arranged for December time.

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