Proposal for Exhibition

This is the proposal for an exhibition that I am carrying out entitled 12 Statements for the 8th May

My work is primarily installation and assemblage based where I integrate found materials such as paper, wood and objects into collage; I also work with digital and Polaroid photography. The work that I am concentrating on at the moment is the dialogue within computer punch print out paper. I am making pencil drawn compositions based on the syntax within such medium.

As an exhibiting artist that regularly composes artist statements and having recently graduated from Manchester School of Art, I have become interested in how the artist statement could be transformed into manifestos for creative means. I am intrigued how the written word can be used to assist the reader in visualizing the creative’s intentions.

As part as my residency at UCBC at Blackburn College and working within the second year BA (Hons) Fine Art students studio space, I aim to facilitate through discussion and workshops their artistic manifestos/statements and then establish an exhibition to present the work. I wish to illustrate through a gallery setting the grounding of artists that are currently in their penultimate year before graduation where the decision is made in what could be their future career as artists.  All work will ultimately comprise of the written word and an image of the student’s studios.


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