Publicly Speaking

So this week all of the AA2A at Northumbria gave talks about our work, our intents, that sort of thing.  I'd never given a talk to more than 25 people before.  My last job involved a fair bit of public speaking, but I found it easy because it was someone elses vision I was sharing and phrases had already been written and I could easily repeat them or make sense of them and make them my own. 

Talking about my own work is so very different.  Earlier this year I'd given a talk about my work to Xsite Architecture and I didn't think I did very well at it, though no one said at the time.  Deep down I knew I should know more about my work and the task of getting those thoughts out of my head through my mouth at a selected time, I found a real struggle.  Luckily I was invited to pitch for a commission by two other more experience artists and though we didn't get it, i definitely learned a lot from their approach, so I must admit I drew a lot from that experience and that gave me the strength to make it happen at this talk.

I was incredibly impressed by the audience, pretty much the whole course was there... I remember thinking back to the talks I went to at Uni, some very well attended, but others scarce, empty, holllow, depending on whether anyone fancied a lie in or had other work on.  I remember my friend saying that Artist talks were one of the best things about her University experience and oh how I miss them now that i've joined the real world.

I also finally joined the library this week, gosh that's pretty amazing isn't it?  I always end up buying books and spending a fortune, this is the greatest luxury for me in the whole world ever!  I'm being increasingly inspired by maps, it's always been something I've wanted to work with but always thought that i'd put it away in my box of ideas in my head until the right time.  Yes, now feels like the right time, so I got out a booked called Maps as Art and another one about an exhibition of stitch.  I'm gong to start with some collage and drawings and seeing where it takes me, hopefully into print and then to folding.  What an adventure!

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