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I've not posted for a while (again!) been so busy with the project. I managed to almost finish scanning everything and had a mad 2 weeks where I was cleaning up the scanned 35mm images using photoshop for ours every day. I'd like to say the hard part is over but it's really not, thats the easy part, now come the editing.

In the meantime I've had an exhibition at the James Hyman Gallery with the other National Media Museum Award winners which was lovely, the preview was great and I got to meet up with a Greg Hobson from the NMM, James Hyman himself, the lovely Valerie who has been keeping me up to date with everything, my Bbrother Antonio (  and few friends including Valio who I trained with in Miami before we headed to different cruise ships, Val is from Bulgaria but lives and works in London, and Orlando, an old froind who is now the new face of.. wait for it... Rowntrees fruit pastilles TV ads. I was invited to a lovely artists dinner which was fantastic, really tasty.


here is the link for the exhibtion which is on until late April for anyone in London:


I'm about to upload alot more images, as I feel the work is forming a more cohesive body of images which I can start editing into a book. I forgot to mention I also met up with Gordon MacDonald, in Brighton! we went through the images and he helped me clear up a few things and look at my images more in depth. Editing is alot harder than I thought it would be and this is the largest body of images I've had to work with.


So.. I'll have some studio pics from the late night scanning session uploaded to a folder here, and past images from our group exhibition at Northumbria, we have another one in the pipelines soon and I'm also exhibiting in a slideshow type evening in London in april with Contact Editions which I'm excited about!

here's the link:

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