i'm getting better.  for a start i am writing this.

my time at ntu has been enjoyable and this thursday we have another group get together.

one aspect of the residency i didn't expect to reflect on was how having a deadline to work to affects ones progression.  i've been making my research and bimbling ahead with very little idea of when and where it might be seen.  one of the big benefits of being at ntu is that the technicians there seem to be makers in their own right.  certainly robert with whom i have had a lot of contact with has been a great source of conversation companionship and it was with him that i had the ackward "i don't know how to fully resolve this" conversation.

so i can reflect on this...

if there is no deadline for research that implies that the research continues, the starting point being left behind and a whole journey of conversation taking place.

i reflect that this lack of deadlined display does leave me somewhat feeling like i'm in the wrong place, which i think is connected to my disability.

upon reflection within this process i've learnt about open and closed questions .  i've become aware of how i react to closed questions, being how i want to be asked open questions so that i have a chance to speak and talk as a result of a question.

my main reflection is that for the last 5 or so weeks i have been not feeling very well.  i think i'm coming out of that, and in so doing am posing myself some of the big questions.

i remember in the third yar of the degree when i hit this period, the advice was "keep making" and in fairness i have been away from the project that i've been engaged with during this residency.  

from the research i've been doing i have generated the soundtrack for my first explorative database narrative film.  i'm plannig to show this to the group on thursday.

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