Research and Visual Interpretation

'Red Dot' is the second screen print I have produced on the subject of land around the Itchen Water Meadows.  This makes a second print specifically on the theme of trees and the woodland/forester's marks for management. A red dot on the trunk, I understand, signifies that surgery is needed, whereas a short stripe indicates felling.  

The look of my prints is not my usual hand drawing. It has turned out this way because it has been so wet to work outside in the field. In its place I took photographs of areas that are designated for tree clearing and, for the sake of moving the project forward, I have used close-ups of the photographs to create colour layers for the prints.  This method has challenges in pre-deciding areas and boundaries of the colours (no more than four) and to overlay them successfully.

Over the last few weeks I have read 'Water Meadows', History, Ecology and Conservation, Edited by Hadrian Cook and Tom Williamson, published by Windgather Press Ltd, 2007.

Whilst studying the subject and starting again to draw on location, I am also mindful of how I am going to artistically interpret all this information. Some trial sketches of men working are shown with this entry and artists I am looking at are Bruce McLean, Josef Herman and John Constable. Stephen Chambers' recent show at the Royal Academy, also, has helped me considerably in creating the layers for the screen prints.


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