Residency Plan

Access to the AA2A scheme at Salford will give me the time, space and funds to make new work. In my arts education I have studied Fine Art, however I want to attend the university of Salford as it specialises in performance research which I feel will benefit my practice. I hope to meet new artists working with performance, share my own practice with students and make new work. I work in retail and as an arts educator at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester. These roles come through in my performances using the artist as ‘leader’ and ‘showing the way’ sometimes with profound or humorous affect. My performances happen on the streets and I feel intervention is the best way to engage new audiences with art. I intend to incorporate this way of working with a roaming artist talk or art crit with the students at Salford university.

I am co-founder of the new micro art gallery PAPER based in Mirabel studios in Manchester. This has involved working with early career artists to develop their work to a professional standard. I want to share my experience of setting up the gallery and having studio space in the form of a visit for students. To support my practice I am developing a series of printed multiples such as limited edition photographic prints and personalised postcards to sell through the gallery. I would like to explore this further and experiment with large format printing. Staying up to date with changes in technology is really important for my work, however I am struggling to maintain access to the equipment I need. Through the scheme I intend to work through the full process of editing, DVD production, and distribution. Recently I have been distributing my videos on-line, however I feel a DVD visually offers a higher quality and can create a legacy for the work. I hope from the scheme to be more confident in my work-flow and set myself up with the right equipment I need for the future.

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