Reviews of Lorraine Cooke's work.

Review of Lorraine Cooke's painting 'Kinetic Blue' by Curator E.E.Jacks.

Artist Lorraine Cooke's energetic and quite visceral piece, reponds with automatism in an absolutely liberated manner. Cooke's spacial segues and interplay of cool and warm tones, contrasts with translucent layers, forming a conglomerative visual form. Her connective piece flows from one singular refrain to the next, manifesting an almost auditory experience.

-E.E.Jacks (Curator of APERO gallery and APERO Fine Art catalogue, California, USA.) May 2021

'Kinetic Blue' by Lorraine Cooke was shortlisted for the Beep painting prize 2022. 

Review of Lorraine Cooke's paintings by Art Historian Laura Williams.

Centred and circuitous, Cooke's seductive landscapes weave their magic, drawing the viewer in to discover the excuisite depths and layers held within the work and marvel at the detail each production offers; another experience evident with each encounter.

Referencing the term 'inscape,' Cooke explores the landscapes that she inhabits and works in a precise and controlled manner, the images held in the centre of the canvas allowing the viewer to navigate a breathing space from the vibrant and emotve images that fuse and flow, twist and weave. Hers is a visual dynamic which challenges the brain and intrigues the eye through a complex and inventive use of layered space and multiple, seductive perspectives.

Like the artist herself, there is an honesty and playfulness that is masterfully composed in each of her mixed media productions. Recent works reference Asian art and the use of calligraphic line.

-Laura Williams (Art historian and Director of Art1821, UK, France and India.) 

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