Risograph - Triptych - Hotel for Travelling SalesDogs

have produced three risographs before but on those occasions I created the artwork on my iPad and sent the artwork to a person who printed them out for me - so I felt quite removed from the process. I wanted the opportunity to experience the printing process and also have more randomness in the preparation of the artwork. I did initial sketches and then drew each of the three colours on separate layers. I used my old light box, layout paper and masking tape to try and line up the layers. It was exciting to not know how it was going to look until it came out of the risograph machine. Grahame the fine art technician was really encouraging and gave me various coloured papers to experiment on - it was so interesting to see how different they could look dependent on the background colour. And learning abit about the machine and being the one that worked it and changed the inks etc made me feel very part of the whole process.

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