Rotten Top Aubergine (Piñata Trial)

Hello! We have recently been invited to take part in Amelia Beavis Harrison’s Kunst Vardo online project, an exciting chance for  to really start putting some elbow grease into our short film, but first here’s a little snippet of other bits and bats…


…So, before Christmas we had been desperate to get into developing our own photographs and had booked in to the universities dark rooms. As usual we jumped in the car and drove out without any sense of direction, this time ending up in Wasps Nest, a small village in Nocton, Lincolnshire to take some shots. We came across old disused bunkers, farmhouses and some wonderful landscapes, all skeletal and bone like in the December mist. To cut a long story short, a horse pulled L’s coat apart, the car  (Filo) sank in a roadside verge and when it came to dark room day, none of our photo’s came out as we’d loaded the film wrong, resulting in too much light exposure! Although the dark room tutorial was really great, so we will be back pronto!


We have also been in contact with UOL subject librarian and had two sessions discussing the way we write about our work, something we have always struggled with. It was really insightful and has aided us a great deal, as we write far too clunky and broken, a habit that needs altering drastically!


Mythology is a huge influence in our work, both contextually and visually, and we have recently been looking at an amalgamation the ancient four temperaments (‘humorism’) and alchemy. In this we have gone off on tangents, looking at political and social governance, hierarchy, the life of the ‘individual,’ and his/her cyclical rebirths, the inner fermentation and putrification of a soul and the trials we have to face, and how similar these things are to the four seasons. With this overview we felt there’s something in these matters and have been squirreling away at making a four-part film. Being invited to take part in Kunst Vardo has really propelled us to begin the ground work for a 5 minute or so short, and an introduction to the longer film.


Allow me to give you a brief outline of what we have decided. So, there will be a  male protagonist, (who will probably be played by the same person thorough the extended film) is called upon to take part in a trial, it is assumed that in this world, everybody has a number and when yours is called, you have to commit to the cause or face social rejection from your ‘sect.’ The trial will see the protagonist blinded by a hood over his head, and he must tackle a scrotum-like piñata, made from cocoon strippings and hung from the beams of a barn. He will be wearing skin-tight white trousers with a jewel-encrusted codpiece (we have been in the 3D workshops and have made one from latex) - after he has succeeded in wresting the piñata for it’s fruits, he will win a club coat, which is in the making. We have been granted permission from our wonderful friends at F.B.I to use their farm for this, alongside a procession of 21 horses and riders in full party regalia. Filming will take place on March 19th (spring equinox) and, hopefully, we will have a live stream of the performance via G Â S T ‘s and the Kunst Vardo website.

It would be nice to document the event with the MTL-50, so we’ll give it another go and hope we get some decent shots!



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