Runing Around Like A Headless Chicken

One Day More as it quote's in the Les Mes film is a appropriate quote as to my again very hectic diary mangement of events. As a student ambassador of Green@CU have been very actively involved with the Green week event held over last week at the university and some how found my self entering the recyled art exhibition with a 3d picture I had created during my second year and did not realise how this would also lead on to having another recycled image being requested to be come entered into the "Environmental" library exhibition at a simliar time, then being asked to produce a poster for "Earth" event. It is brilliant to be asked to do so much but with little free time it starts to impede on other outside things. All Tuesday was spent at the Welcome Centre in learning about "The right legal structure for your business" and "Contracts, agreements and how to get paid on time" meant that day did not finish until 5.30pm. During the evening with an outside of what I thought would be good fun of being a chorus member for rehearsing for "Oliver", at the Albany Theatre in April 2013 would be a wonderful outlet, find myself being asked to audition for a chorus part in the market scene, when it is my time to sing the person next to me deleberatly knocks me so dont come in on the right note and there is no going back so feel a total fool and when they annouce that there are only five parts for ten people I state " Might as well leave now I know I have not got the part", to a raw of laughter. Wednesday starts with chasing funding for internship and volunteering I may get it have to wait for the e-mail. Am happy as they send the e-mail come in with my bank details, oh and by the way you will not get this until the end of the month after finances have sorted it out so it may be the following month. This is the start of my Wednesday before embarking on volunteering at The Herbert in the Learning Centre as it is half term we are inundated with several parents and young children wanting to make distored visual images and for some strange reason like the purple glue sticks. The morning goes so fast and my legs ache with constantly being on my feet and the children are amazing to work with they are so open to any ideas and constantly suprize me with their art work and feel quite chocked when they donate money to the centre and then say thank you for helpin them. After a short dash for a lunch break then actually get paid to invigialate at galley one in the exhibition of "Caught In The Crossfire", by artists KenndrickPhillips and other participants such as "Banksy". Many times have to ask parents not to let their children eat, drink or touch the pictures in the gallery am glad when the end of the day comes as I know that I go home to my favourate food of stew and dumplings. Tonight there is another NightHawk rugby game but this has been moved to another venue with is slightly nearer to our home and it is very cold and open to the elements so am hoping for no rain. But we do get a very blustery blowing wind with makes the crowd huddle together, I feel so sorry for the rugby players in their shorts. It is a very good game with Coventry NightHawks playing against the RAF although very one sided and the RAF only get one try with out converting it, Coventry get all the trys that the end score is a wipe out of 54 against 5. To day being Thursday arrive by walking into university a 3 mile walk to arrange to hang my recyled art picture to find that this has been arranged for one day next week oh well. Also my lecture this afternoon has been re-arranged, it is had in day for the drawing competion at university. Tomorrow looks pretty busy as more volunteering at The Herbert and still half term followed by working again in the afternoon then on to Gloucester for another rugby match. On Saturday have a lecture ( yes a lecture on a saturday really!), on Communication and Me and it is Presentation day oh no have to get up in front of the whole group and state or strutt my stuff, you probably think she can rest on Sunday I will be doing a brass rubbing at the Albany followed by a Critic art work shop at the Meter Room. More work at The Herbert on Monday 25 Feb plus it is my big sisters birthday and not brought her a card ( what a bad sister I am). I am in university for a seminar on Tuesday so am really looking forward to Wednesday when in my diary is written the following: TAKE DAY OFF TODAY AND GO TO THE PICTURES TO SEE LES MISS (Again). This is what it is like being a headless chicken.

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