Saturn Cylce (My Natal Antenatal Return)

Hello! So, recently we performed The Chance at Poolsbrooke Farm, courtesy of the lovely CIA in Chesterfield. We had a live stream running to the Kunstt Vardo channel, who comissioned us to create a work with political undertones. 


CIA have a dress-up horse parade every solstiuce and equinox, which tied in beautifully with our work. This was not shown on the live footage but it will be included in the edited film.


Streaming live from a rural area was, I think, one of the most stressfull situations we have been in! As luck would have it, ten minutes befor show time our WiFi signal disapeared, we managed to get it back 45 minutes later though! Luckily the University have been fantastic loaning us tech equipment, and our camera man on the day was wonderful.


For the AA2A show we will probably show the film and possibly arrange another performance. It would be good to get into the 3D workshop to make an even bigger pinãta. We made the original the usual papier mache way but coated the outside with cocoon strippings. This is a wonderful natural material and extremely durable. You stretch it out over baking paper, lightly wet it, cover it with another layer of baking paper and iron it. The result is a beautiful, durable, wasp nest like material that is extremely malleable. It is traditionally used to make fancy paper, but it's great for 3D sculpture and costumes as well.


I think we will also show our sketch books, something I've never liked before but am currenly really enjoying. However, I believe two of them may be at my fathers house in in Scotland which we will have to retrieve. We attended the Glasgow International Festival last week, which is amazing. We would recommend visting Transmission, Avant Garde, The CCA,The Savoy Centre, Kelvin Hall and Buzzcut, who aren't listed but have some exciteing live works. The are 73 venues so either be selective or take a week to look won't be disapointed. 


Building on our idead of alchemy and the Four Temperaments, I have started looking into The Saturn Cycle. There's a lot of words and themes flying around our heads at the moment, which we need to coalate and form some kind of meaning and central purpose of them all. I feel like I have lost a limb witthout those sketchbooks as they have so much research in them!

Words/phrases/sentances today:






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