Screen Printing Induction

(Note: This is my first blog post. I'm going to document some interesting, and some not so exciting stuff here. I'll try to capture my practice and the thinking behind it. My experience suggests that we can't be certain what exactly is important to document without sufficient time to reflect upon it. Let's see how we go; hopefully these posts are useful for anyone reading too 🙂

Screen Printing Induction

It's been two weeks since I had my screen printing induction, with the very patient Bev at the SHU Print Rooms. I last screen printed about four years ago, so was a bit rusty. Every set up is different so its good to go through the process again.

Bev had requested we bring in artwork to produce a two colour separation if possible to use during the induction. 

My experience of creating transparencies for separations had previously involved printing acetate sheets for the exposure unit. I must admit, when Bev pulled out a bottle of vegatable oil and started spraying my A3 paper print outs, I was suspicious. But as I soon discovered, it really is a cost effective way of creating transparencies, with the bonus of offering a deeper tonal range than acetates to boot.

The remainder of the process was similar to my previous experiences, a few new things to learn about mixing inks since I last did it. An adative to help stop the ink drying too fast. So, mainly just brushing up on the process and learning the workshop rules and safe operating of equipment.

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