Sculpture series, adding details

I have now added detail to the first of my sculpture series. I wanted the pieces to be textured so that their finish was similar to that of cast concrete and so I used textures wallpaper and imprinted it into the surface of the clay. I have also added details such as text and imagery to the pieces. This specific text was sourced from grave stones in Wales where the use of English as a second language and the fact that the headstones were carved onto preexistibg sized slabs of local slate meant that many words reaming I completed and continued onto seperate lines, some words were misspelt with additional letyers are owed in above. I'm interested in the idea of permanence and the significance this language has to communicating more that just a persons resting place, how it comunicates a concept of the person who produced it and how both people remain captured in materiality. These hidden languages are what I want to explore through my series, to highlight the overlooked and unexpected nuances of human communication, displayed on markers that themselves act as communicators but sink into the unrecognised, the overfamiliar. 

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