Second Year Fine Art, Semester 1 - Amelia Pethullis 2k22

As I move towards the New Year and take a break from my practice, I am able to reflect on the progress I have made and productive enquiries that I have enacted. Most importantly I feel that in moving past the Pathway - 'Sustenance' project, I have been able to point my investigations opf material towards an understanding of sensory experience. I have done so whilst developing my skills in ceramics and exploring the boundries of fine art photography to trigger a visceral response.

I feel a huge sense of pride in the clear expansion of my creative practice and hold much hope for the months ahead. Im escpecially keen to continue my understanding of ceramics and am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with glazes for the first time in the new year.

Overall, I am ending this year with hope for what is to come and am keen to commense the new year with positivity and patience to best nurture my creative practice. To sign of for 2022 here are a few of my favorite moments from second year of Fine Art at YSJ, 2022!

Happy New Year! - Amelia Pethullis, Second Year Fine Art, @ York St John University


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