Semester 1 Progress

I can't believe how quickly this final year is going, I'm at the end of semester 1 already. This semester I have explored lino printing and I also made prints from my first collograph which is currently being exhibited in The Open Exhibition at The Grundy Art Gallery in Blackpool. I've also enjoyed taking part in some Christmas Markets at the Winter Gardens and at college which were helpful in gaining experience selling my work and all it involves.

Its been busy in the studio with two artists from the Aa2a joining us, Jack O'Hara and Iain Williams. It has been really beneficial to share studio space with working artists and to gain an insight into their different practices. I have found it helpful discussing my work with Ian recently, sharing with someone other than peers and lecturers who are familiar with my work has helped me to identify new areas of strengths and weaknesses . Fresh pairs of eyes and questions have also helped me view my work in different ways and see more clearly what I am trying to convey in my work.

The main focus of my work has evolved from Year 2 when I was exploring the elements of fire and water framed within the climate change context, to this year trying to visualise the tension between nature and manmade informed through my dissertation research into the perceived Japanese love of nature.

I have continued to work with blackout material this year which I find works well to create interesting stains and bleeds and have progressed to add cutouts of flowers from my garden from the fabric and attaching them over my original paintings. Contrasting with these natural forms and bleeds I have been layering diagonal lines crossing over the image and further layer of shadows of the seedheads/flowers. My pieces are not yet fully resolved but I have achieved a certain amount of tension between nature and manmade by using natural form using artificial colours and soft natural bleeds against hard mamade line whilst trying to create a dynamic impact on the image with shadows of flowers being only a representation of  nature.

I'm looking forward to Semester 2 working towards my final major project and enjoying every last minute of it!


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