Semester One Reflection

I've been very lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside Amrit, Alison, Diane, Emily and Nita so far in my second year. On the face of it my responsibilities as a student representative have been very straightforward, though due to personal health I haven’t been able to join in fully on the range of opportunities that the AA2A has brought so far. However, the time I’ve been able to spend working alongside our hosted artists has already been so crucial to my own practice and development.

I’ve been able to begin developing frameworks for experimentation inside and outside the studio, integrating practice into general life around Loughborough where I can. I’ve found inspiration in newfound working processes from discussion inside the studio around their own practices. I’ve even found the confidence to branch out and begin organising exhibitions at home.

Most of what I’ve done in the first semester has been quiet redirection to those more suited to help in workshops and the creative hubs, and the passing on of information for exhibitions and their own hosted workshops, or trying to help ease interaction between our talented artists and the student body. I’m looking forward to the opportunity now in the new year to take it a step further, ideally organising cooperative exhibitions and artist talks and visits.

From the potential for networking, to second opinions on practice and process, to even the odd occasion where I was able to teach them something, working with AA2A in my first semester has honestly been a privilege. I hope to show it more in this upcoming semester now that I am more able to from a personal standing.

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