Sets of prints printed

At the end of the last session I got one print (in blue) of the full-size 'closer' composition. First thing this time was to print a set in the sludgy dark colour I couldn't talk myself out of continuing to use for it ...

For the top shape, which I printed second, I split the paint and printed half with it slightly darkened and half with it thinned a bit with acrylic medium. Could I tell you which set a print belonged to? Maybe ... Did it help? Maybe ...

Next job was to decide which variant to go with for the 'flipped' composition. After a lot of staring, and collaging together bits from different prints, I made my final decision ... only to find it was basically the same as the one I had started out from.

After much more staring to decide whether to change the formula of the blue paint I measured the chosen variant and scaled it up to A3 and spent the afternoon printing lots of copies of Flipped. Here it is:

In both of these prints I am a little disturbed by the slightly off-circular edge of the smaller-radius stencil (the upper shape for Flipped, the lower for Closer) but it was hand cut so what can you do ... Maybe I will learn to love it, like the wobbly edge and not-perfectly-even ink coverage.

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