Settling In

The drive over was glorious, one of those crisp autumnal mornings, sunshine instead of fog or rain or just the dreekness that can hang over the length of the Roman Wall for days on end. It was a bit like being the new boy and the first day at school. Finding the lay of the land. The where's where and what's what. The campuses for instance are distributed across Carlisle - Print in one place, library in another etc etc. After a briefest of introductions it was into the full tilt boogie of getting down to printing. 

I am a bit unfocussed - or should i say i tend to have a couple of things on the go and drift between them. I was amazed at the ability of a screen to reproduce in the detail of an almost Rotoring Pen thin nib - which was a happy accident - and doubly so because i then went to put it into the group exhibition i am showing in - curated by Arcadea - in Tyneside. I also got straight into the letterpress. 

A couple of first years came in, asked what I was doing and there seems to be some confusion over AA2A and the Arts Access course - which i am assured is for "Older" people and once more just incase i missed it "Mature" students. I guess when I was 'young' people my age seemed Old - or like they were from a different world (not!).

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