Showing work : "Breathing Out: Autumn Gathering" - art in an allotment

In November, I took part in a private event held at Valerie Turton's and organised by Harry Martin : "Gathering celebrating the last vestiges of autumn in a beautiful natural environment. Artworks expressing a connection to the land and exploring the rhythms of nature will be displayed around the space. As the sun sets the bonfire will be lit and we will share food, stories and performed artworks."

I was sharing some work in progress made after a trip to Tenerife last month where I took the opportunity to make a few ecoprints with the local vegetation. I got very much fascinated by the dramatic atmosphere of this volcanic island with its coal-black beaches and stormy skies. At Loughborough printworkshop I put together a tiny travel book which collates ecoprints, a few photos taken during my stay and some shopping receipts, packaging, maps etc ... I also made a few drawings inspired by the Black Madonna and started to try out some printmaking. Only some of the drawings and the mini book were shown today.


     Photo : Valery Turton


Photo : Valery Turton

Céline Siani Djiakoua


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