Singing Debut - But Is It Art?

As my profile page shows that I am a very versatile person and have always volunteered as I love it since June of 2012 until present time have been volunteering at several locations one of these being the local theatre formally The Butts Theatre and renamed Albany Theatre. Have been moving furniture, cleaning, painting and turning my hand to anything that needs doing with several other volunteers to ensure that this wonderful old theatre gets back up and running. I did think about doing an internship or artist residence their but not viable as far too many health & safety issues. On the run up to the offical opening of the theatre was sort of nominated to get up on to stage and sing as while constantly in the back dressing rooms was often found singing along to my MP3 Player. This wonderful event took place on 1 Februrary 2012 at 7.30pm where I made my debut singing appearance on this amazing stage that had a hand in getting ready for all the acts. If you would like to view the news about the theatre please visit the link below.

It may form part of my art practice who knows where it may go but in the mean time hope to help raise funds to keep this amazing place open as the photographs on the the site shows how it looked before restoration work began. Just one of the many things I have an involvement with my tip to would be artists try everything and anything you never know where it may lead your line of enquiry.

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