Slipping By

At the same time as getting the AA2A i took a studio in Newcastle which means I am split between the two sides of the country. Had I known I may have held off the studio and concentrated on AA2A - yet my home studio is not suitable for winter printing - what with it being open to some elements and half the mice population in Northumberland. So having started in the print room at Carlisle I then have a short amount of work, a little illness, a weeks residential at Arvon - Lumb Bank - lovely place - floods (today it's actually snowing) and then before you know it 3 weeks have passed and so with it the opportunity. So new resolve is required. Focus - always has been a struggle on my own practice. The thing with print is everything always takes longer than you think. However I thought I'd go in and start gently - ease myself back into it with a bit of letter pressing and a screen print. I'm having trouble with the images.

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