(Some) progress.

I've been really terrible at updating this blog, so I'm going to have to make an effort to keep up with it from now on.

I've been waiting nearly a month now for a headboard which is to be the base of my second triptych, 'The Watchers'. I'm told it's arriving tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to get on with that. I've also got my eye on a radiator cover to be the base of my third triptych, but that will probably have to wait a couple of weeks.

So while I've been waiting, I've worked on 'The Witnesses', and I think it's coming near to being finished. I'm really pleased with the images, and with the colour I've added to the trellis (have a look at my image albums to see the progression). I keep going back to it, though, and wondering if it needs more. I suppose once I've made the others I'll be able to judge it better.

I've also been working with a group of Creative and Media students at the college, which has been really good so far, and hopefully I'll be able to expand this after half term and start to get around and see some of the other groups. It'd be good to get some feedback on my work.

All four of us at the college have an exhibition coming up in the college front windows in March, and it's rather a large space to fill, so I'm just hoping I can get everything done in time! There are also some cabinets inside the college which can be used as part of the exhibition. I was thinking of what I could do to use this space on my way home, when I saw some broken ceramic pieces on the floor, and thought that it might be really interesting to use the fragments in a sort of semi-sculptural work. I've been re-visiting H.P. Lovecraft as a source of inspiration (alongside my work from W.H.Auden), and I think fragmented imagery might be a good way to put across some of the more abstract ideas in his work.

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