Something different for the new year

I want to work on a set of compositions abstracted from the patterns of dry-stone walls in the fields around where I live. I hope I can work towards some nice 'come to Sedbergh' poster designs from it - Sedbergh, where I live, needs a steady stream of tourists visiting ... This is the first version of one of the compositions:

You will notice that the register is off, ink has bled under the stencil on the black, and so on - it was a test piece when I was re-learning how to screenprint to get ready for this placement.

I had already done the basic composition on the computer, sad to say. I spent half the day working out colour combinations to try, making notes, etc.:

I am enjoying filling notebooks with mad scribbles - it's not my usual way of working, but I hope I keep on with it after this scheme has finished.

I began printing in the afternoon, and got the first colour down for both compositions. As you can see, these prints won't all be green ...

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