Sorry We're Late (Cambria 13)

Firstly, allow G Â S T for being late 'turner-uppers' on this blog. A wonderful series of mishaps and accidental explorations of the surroundings have somewhat inhibited the progress of online presence.

However, returning to a space of academia, we will ply you with "The dog ate my homework" excuse.


Secondly, allow me to briefly disclose G Â S T ‘s establishment. Male and female (‘L and D’) artists whom decided to conjoin in an attempt to create work from two mind-sets. Collaborating from 2014, work has largely been project based, however we, they, them, the G Â S T are going to enter a practice based year, ideas coming before intended outcome.


So, having mulled over idea's at home and a recently acquired space in the college’s fine art studio. G Â S T has been toying with images from dreams; the vividness and abstract forms, scenes and general atmospheric context.


Lovers of the Surreal, we regularly use exercises such as dream scriptures, automatic writing, exquisite corpses, and general intoxication. (Note; although LSD was a choice component throughout this movement, we opt for the much more social Vino) as a starting point of new works.


This last week has begun with a month-long sick note from L’s GP, proceeding a harrowing bout of ‘mental instability,’ equaling hammering at the entrance doors of our school studio to a staccato drum beat.


Certain themes have begun to culminate on the stolen back half of a student’s skeletal desk space. Thus role out the orange opaque wallflower, association of the inner ego’s ‘other,’ an alliance with Gothic literature spilling into novels such as ‘The Yellow Wallpaper,’ ‘Ada or Ardor’ and the 1979 classic ‘Flowers in the Attic.’


Commence then the idea of the self’s two (male and female) counterparts and the cloak of true hermaphroditism, typically in plants and sea creatures. The wallflower happened upon being a hermaphrodite plant, which birthed the wiki trail of oysters and worms.


Now, sex, gender and hermaphroditism is not essentially the flag in our work at the moment, but rather a breadcrumb on our winding road. Playing such Surreal games causes us to rapidly think of associative words, sand bags and ball bags being two that made it to our ‘ideas’ board. Let us enlighten you to a small collection of notions we have been singing to:


·       Making a piñata filled with marbles, placed in a circular sand pit in which a performer repeatedly beats with a cane (possibly horse hair?) until the contents spill across the arenas floor.

·       The performer in the above would have an extraordinary collar/ruff, circus like?

·       A gold/orange/yellow dress made entirely of flowers (silk/paper?) that a performer would wear against a wallpapered background of a similar construct.

·       Written and G Â S T coined word ‘Müllered’ in red vinyl (the two L’s of this would be weighed down red tights

·       Being the ‘other’ presence in students empty desks, a haunting of the mind

·       Looking at imagist writing


It is Sunday, so the stroll to the studio is to commence imminently.

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