Sound & Vision

Sound plays an important part in my practice in the form of guided meditations with Northumbria University's chaplain; as a result meditation has become part of practice which allows me to explore Inner Lanscapes in response to the poet John Clare.

As part of a group presentation, Ruth Sheldon, Rachel Knight and I conducted an experiment by playing two different types of sounds ( city noises and beach waves) and after each sound we asked the other students to draw for 60 seconds.  Afterwards we compared the findings; the beach waves produced more curvy lines, whereas the city noise produced more pointed lines. 

It wasn't really conclusive, however after watching Imagine, with Alan Yentob, BBC1, 10.35pm Tues, 27th Nov 12, it would seem  that sound does affect the chemicals in the brain.  It would seem that Mozart calms children and low frequency notes makes people sad, like those sung by the singer Adele.   

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