Special Collections and Archives at Liverpool John Moores University.


My appropriation and collage work led me to research Danish artist and founder of CoBrA, Asger Jorn. His modifications, in turn, introduced me to Guy Debord and the Situationist international, so for my dissertation I am exploring the influence of the SI on British artists including Jamie Reid and Linder Sterling. My research took me on a journey through British punk which, as a ballet student in Manchester during the early 80s, I did not experience first-hand. Indeed punks seemed like exotic and rather scary creatures to be given a wide berth at nights spent dancing at the Hacienda.

I traced two copies of John Savage and Linder Sterling's fanzine, The Secret Public, one in The Metropolitan Museum, New York, and one housed in the special collections and archives of LJMU. Professor Colin Fallows, Head of Research Degrees at Liverpool School of Art and Design kindly agreed to make available to me England's Dreaming: The John Savage Archive and I spent a day exploring this extensive collection of punk history. It includes research notes, artworks, posters, and photographs, perhaps most exciting of all, an original copy of the collaborative work by Asger Jorn and Guy Debord; the sandpaper covered,  Memoires.

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