Unable to embed a video here, so go visit: http://www.claireweetman.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/spread.html to see what i'm on about

Spread is the third in a series of animated drawings onto mountcard.  They take inspiration from Richard Serra's verb works, where he created sculptures in response to words such as 'to roll', 'to crumple' or 'to cut'.  This series started from an animation skills workshop I attended whilst here at Salford on the AA2A, and the 3 works so far have all been made here in some way or other - either physically made here, using the copystand available from the photography studio, or edited using the DV suite.  Spread was made whilst I was out in Istanbul at the end of March, and I've been trying to get to grips with FInal Cut Pro at Salford today.  Still not quite got the hang of it - struggling with ratios and formats, but I've learnt so much just by getting on and doing it - that and the technicians are on hand to give guidance and starting points.

I'm going to continue the series by taking some of the words from Serra's list, but also include words that have an inherent feeling of movement in them too, then create a series of drawings using cut away mountcard.  So far I've made 'descend', 'curve' and 'spread'.  More to follow over the process of time.  Longlist of future words includes:

scatter, pair, surround, lift, follow, fall, shuffle, jump, loop, grow, criss-cross, ramble,

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