Start to the year (minus a January which I seem to have lost)

As suggested by the title of this blog January seems to have flown by, or rather ran past me completely. Rather overshadowed of course by my dissertation which I finally titled 'Cut and Wit: Collage in the Work of Wangechi Mutu' and lovingly handed in a good five days before deadline (not to boast of course).

Pretty much straight after was assessment feedback which has led to a firm focus on the development of my performance works (both live and filmed). Perhaps indicative of my age/stage in 'life as an artist', the time appears to have come for the beginning of a pairing down of my work and focus, perhaps looking to more economical means. I think as a student we have all been guilty at one time or another for wanting to produce some giantic masterpiece, when perhaps a more subtle approach would have infact produced the best work. 

In more AA2A related news I have finalised dates for the Critical Writing Workshop with AA2A Artist Rebecca Travis; Part 1: 1st March 2013 Part 2: 8th March 2013, which I am looking forward to muchly!!!

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