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It's been a while since I've written on this blog. Before the Christmas break I had a nasty bout of tonsilitis and was also needed to take my daughter to a couple of uni interviews. The Turner Prize exhibition is now over so things are quieter at work which should give me some space to get on with my AA2A project. I enjoyed making my presentation to students better than I had expected and it was good to meet up with the other AA2A artists, though there was not much opportunity to discuss our various plans and experiences of AA2A. I had already met a group of the students and a couple of staff at the Baltic when they came to see the Turner exhibition so some of them recognized me from that.

I have been working steadily away. Most of my time on campus has been spent in the darkroom working on photograms and enlargements which means I haven't seen a lot of the Fine Art students. Away from uni I have been taking more photographs. Now is a time for taking stock and deciding whether I do actually want to use some of the images in etchings or stay with photographic prints and collage.

Good news arrived just before Christmas - I have secured some funding which will enable me to realise my moving image project in the summer. The body of work I produce on the AA2A is a part of this project, being an exploration of the visual imagery used to convey the concepts behind the work. Going back to darkroom basics and experimenting with photgrams was a fruitful exercise.

More darkroom tomorrow!

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