Student performances

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the student pantomime production of 'Alice in Wonderland' at High Melton - I was both impressed and entertained - also managed to get some drawing done during the performance even though I couldn't see my paper at all in the darkness - the advantage of being used to drawing without looking at the paper.  A second performance today was of music and dance - giving the bands a chance to do their thing - as they explained, this is a work in progress for an external gig next year, so there were lots of delays for sound checks and such - but once again I am left admiring the performances which the students produce - got plenty of drawing done here - the delays just gave me more drawing time.  It's a very genuine observation to say that during this term I have totally enjoyed being around the students at High Melton, whether travelling on the bus, in the canteen or watching them perform - they are a great bunch of people. Going to get myself sorted now to put some of the drawings into my albums here.

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